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Our Priority Professional Maintenance Cleaning (PMC) Service is ideal for residential cleaning and when you want to hire a cleaner to handle your top priorities. This professional cleaning service focuses on your most important cleaning tasks during each 2-hour visit, twice per month.

The Priority Cleaning is perfect for challenging areas in your home that need extra attention from your house cleaner. Customers can tailor the cleaning agenda for each visit, identifying priority cleaning tasks for our cleaner. This provides flexibility to target specific rooms or areas of your home on different dates.

The Priority PMC Cleaning is great for customers with smaller homes requiring less overall cleaning, or those with larger homes who want to outsource cleaning in high-traffic spaces. Let our professional cleaner handle your priorities - kitchen, bathrooms, family room - while you focus on other aspects of your home and life.

Our priority cleaning, residential cleaning, and house cleaning service enables you to hire a cleaner to handle the cleaning tasks at the top of your list. Contact us today to customize your own Priority Cleaning Service agenda twice per month with your dedicated cleaner!

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Priority Cleaning Service

  • Two-hour cleaning, two times a month

  • Part of our Professional Maintenance Cleaning (PMC) Services. PMC is a technical training program our cleaners go through to get certified in maintenance cleaning. You can rest assured that your cleaner has received the highest level of training to deliver you a truly exceptional professional experience.

  • Ideal when you are just starting cleaning services

  • Perfect for challenge areas

  • Customers can tailor the cleaning agenda for each visit

  • Available for smaller homes requiring less cleaning, or specific areas of larger homes

  • Let us handle your priorities

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